If you’ve ever had to deal with your car’s radio not working after your battery died, it’s can be really annoying. Not having access to your car’s radio can make you feel like you’re living in the stone age. If you need roadside assistance in Detroit call Motown Towing at 313-209-3143.

This post will teach you why your car radio won’t turn on after the battery died. We will be talking about all the reasons your radio won’t turn on and how to fix them. 

Read this entire article to learn what you can do to get your radio working again.

Why Your Car Radio Stopped Working After Your Battery Died

There are a ton of reasons why your radio would stop working. Here are just a few of them:

1 – Blown Fuse

A blown fuse is a very common problem and should be the first to be checked when your car radio isn’t working. If the radio fuse is blown, your radio won’t turn back on. You can check the fuse box and if the fuse is burnt, replace it.

2 – Connection problems

Does your radio turn on and off sporadically? This can be because there is a bad connection with the ground wire.

3 – Wiring problems

If the wiring for your radio has any damages or loose connections, it could be a reason your radio’s not working. Check all of your connections and wires for any damage.

4 – Reception

If your car’s antenna isn’t working, then your radio won’t work either? Check your antenna and make sure it isn’t damaged and is connected properly.

5 – Radio programming 

Most new cars have anti-theft technology built into their radios. If your battery dies, it may trick your radio into thinking the car was stolen. Take your car to a specialist so they can inspect the problem and help you find the best solution.

What do you do if your radio won’t turn on after your battery dies?

It can be tough to find out why your car radio isn’t working after your battery dies. Because there can be so many different reasons, you need to get a car expert to find and fix the problem. It will be easier, and it will save you a lot of headaches if you let a professional handle the problem. 

 Once the mechanic has found the problem, they will provide you with a list of what was wrong. Even if your car still drives around, don’t neglect this problem. Your car radio not working could be a sign of more serious electrical problems.

On top of everything else, how will you listen to your favorite music if you don’t get your radio fixed? 

How do you start your radio after charging the battery?

When your radio’s not working, one of the first things you should do is pull the radio out. Make sure the radio is connected properly, and the fuse isn’t blown. Then do the following:

  • Remove the radio fuse.
  • Remove anti-theft fuse
  • Replace fuses that are not in good working condition
  • Start the car. Once this has been done, you will be required to enter a code. When the code is entered correctly, your radio will be turn on automatically

If you take these steps and your radio still isn’t working, you need to call a mechanic.

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