Is your car smoking but not overheating? Have you ever been driving down the road and noticed smoke coming from your tailpipes or from under your hood? We will teach you all the reasons your car could be smoking but not overheating in this article. Call Motown Towing at 313-209-3143 if you need roadside assistance in Detroit.

Smoke doesn’t always mean there is a problem with your car running hot, but it could mean there are other issues with your engine. One thing is for sure, if your car is smoking you need to find out why as soon as possible. Don’t put this problem off because it could lead to serious damage and a big bill.

You may need some basic maintenance, or it could mean serious damage, regardless you need to know what is causing smoke to come from your car.

Here are some reasons your car is smoking but not overheating:

1.Fluid Leak

If you notice smoke coming from your exhaust, you may have a fluid leak in your engine. Coolant is a common reason, but you might have an oil leak or a windshield wiper fluid leak instead.

 What happens is the liquid gets on the hot parts of the engine, evaporating and causing smoke. The color of the smoke will let you know where the leak is coming from.

  • White smoke means water is getting into the engine and burning.
  • If the smoke is blue, that means it’s an oil leak
  • Black smoke usually means there is too much fuel or not enough air getting into the cylinders.
2.Electrical System 

If the electrical system is causing your smoke problem, it will probably smell like burnt rubber. If you are smelling a metallic smell, then the chances are that it’s your alternator. Electrical issues can definitely lead to your car smoking but not overheating.

It’s not normal for the alternator to start smoking, so if you are on the side of the highway, call a tow service that offers emergency roadside assistance.

3.Oil Filter 

If you have an older car, you might find smoke coming from the oil filter cap. When piston rings wear down, it can cause oil to get into the cylinder and start burning.

This problem you will want to fix as soon as possible because it can lead to major engine damage if untreated.

Most engines will produce a small amount of smoke from oil, so don’t worry unless it’s smoking a lot. Car care professionals will be able to diagnose the problem and fix any damages your car has.

What Should You do if Your Car is Smoking?

If you see your car smoking but not overheating, you don’t need to drive it until you know exactly what’s wrong with it. Motown Towing is an affordable towing service in Detroit that offers a wide range of services, including:

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