Is your car having trouble starting after it rains? There are some basic reasons that your car won’t start after rain, which we will discuss in the article below. If you need roadside assistance or towing in Detroit call Motown Towing at 313-209-3143.

Besides the rain, your car may have other problems causing it not to start. Keep reading to learn about the different factors that could be causing your car to not crank up in rainy weather.

Top Reasons Your Car Won’t Start After a Heavy Rain

1.Spark plug

While driving on the rainy road, the water can get to the area of the motor where the spark plug is, and a little drop of water inside the coil cap can cause the car not to start or start misfiring.

  • When driving on a wet road don’t drive fast  and avoid any big puddles.
  • Remove the spark plug cap and make, if it is wet, dry it off.
  • Clean the spark plug carefully before replacing it.
2.Distributor cap

Check inside the distributor cap for moisture. If you find moisture, this could be the reason your car won’t start after rain. 

  • Dry any water out of the distributor cap and clean it out with a solvent cleaner. 
  • Spray in the solvent, swish it around, and clean it out. 
  • Use a clean towel to dry the cap. If water is still getting in, then the problem is probably a cracked cap or a bad seal.
3.Battery Problems

Another reason your car won’t start after rain is a dead battery. Your battery could be dead after the rain for many reasons, but the most common would be because water got into an exposed wire or insulation.

 Check the wires under the hood of your car to see if they have any damage and are connected properly. When exposed to water, battery cells can become weak. 

Car Battery Maintenance Tips and Tricks

  • Battery terminals become loose or build up corrosion. This can cause current to not pass through them properly.
  • The alternator could be broken. Have a car care professional check if the alternator is keeping the battery charged as it should.
  • The starter may not be turning. You will need to get a mechanic to inspect the car to tell you if your starter is doing its job.

Wires in old cars become exposed after time. If you don’t replace the damaged wires, it could lead to major electrical failure.

What Should You Do If Your Car Won’t Start?

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